Wednesday, November 03, 2010

New and exciting baking challenges! :)

So yesterday I found out that a blood test suggested I had Celiac's. I've thought before that my body wasn't BFFs with gluten, perhaps, but I've had a negative test for Celiac's in the past and so haven't had the motivation to really embrace a gluten-free diet. It's a big thing to do, you know? But after yesterday, I now have a test-dictated reason to cut out gluten. I could continue eating gluten and get an intestinal biopsy to fully confirm, or I could go gluten-free for three months or so, and if I notice any change, accept that as confirmation. I'm going to go with the non-invasive option, methinks. And really, the only thing I think about missing--for a lifetime--is baking.

So last night I spent hours looking into gluten-free baking, and I found a few awesome sources; I am confident that delicious sweetness can still fill my kitchen. :) It's just going to require some work and experimentation. I have a few cookbooks I have my eye on, and I think they will help me learn how to modify regular baking recipes, and thus, hand back to me all the options in my baking library. I think I might have to get a kitchen scale, and start weighing ingredients and switching ratios. It will be more work. But I'm truly excited about it. :)

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Doug and Stace said...

Ah, Robin, sorry to hear this. How have you been feeling?